Sunday, April 19, 2020

Increase Your Score with Skip and Boost Features

Plates Across America®

With today's release, we've introduced a set of new features that really improve the game play. The screenshot at right shows a few of the new ones including "Welcome to" signs plus skip and boost tokens. If you are new to Plates Across America™ you can play a live demo here:

New Skip and Boost Features

The "skip" tokens allow you to exchange the word puzzle with another one without penalty. The boost token allows multiplying your reward for a correct answer, but beware, it will also multiply the penalty if you get it wrong.

New Achievement Badges

We have also rolled out a series of achievement recognition badges and a page where you can see all of the badges you have earned. A sample of one of these pages is below. We are really excited about the features in this new  release. We hope you can give Plates Across America® a try to see for yourself.

Plates Across America®'s achievement badges

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